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10. Who to contact

Conflict of Interest Management Committee

Contact: Conflict of Interest Management Staff, Industry-University Co-Creation Division, Department of Co-Creation Promotion

Email: (Note: Please append the suffix to the aforementioned email "address" before using it.)


  • 06-6879-4483 (please use this number when calling from the Minoh campus and all areas outside the Suita and Toyonaka campuses)

Consultation regarding Conflict of Interest -- Conflict of Interest Counseling Office

Conflict of interest advisers at the Conflict of Interest Office provide consultation.

Please refer to Questions & Answers (link in English) and Points of Attention on Conflict of Interest.

Applications for consultation for conflict of interest are accepted as needed.

Download and fill out a Conflict of Interests Management Consultation sheet, and make an application to the Conflict of Interest Consultation Office.

Tel: 06-6879-4483/4025

Note: "" has been omitted from the above email address. Please add "" to the end of the above address when using it.


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