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1. Purposes of Managing Conflict of Interest

It is unavoidable that promoting technology transfer or deregulation of the soliciting of faculty and staff regarding side jobs will cause conflict of interest (a situation in which faculty or staff profit from activities in industry-university-government cooperation programs conflict with responsibilities in education and research at their university) between private companies and university faculty and staff as industry-university-government cooperation continues.

There are no absolute standards for conflict of interest; moreover, how society judges conflict of interest cases is important. Therefore, accountability to the public and transparency are required.

Managing conflict of interest creates an environment of support for faculty and staff who are promoting industry-university-government cooperation and helps them display their abilities as much as possible. Such management aims to remove concerns associated with the promotion of industry-university-government cooperation by ensuring the university's integrity (trust by society) and accountability.

Under such circumstances, Osaka University establishes Conflict of Interest Policies and Regulations on Conflict of Interest and implements the conflict of interest management for the purpose of preventing disadvantage for faculty and staff by properly managing their conflict of interest.



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