Facing Societal Challenges

Osaka University is strongly committed to becoming a world-leading innovative university that contributes not only to research excellence but also to innovation for human welfare, sustainable development of society, and social transformation.

The Concept of “Facing Societal Challenges: The Value of Life” was developed to promote “Research for Solving Social Issues”.

To find truly meaningful solutions to societal issues, individuals and organizations with different backgrounds, values, and sets of skills and knowledge must be encouraged to combine their strengths, share an understanding of the issues, and work in a co-creative manner. In this Concept, we present “Life” as a broad and shared notion that embraces various disciplines and social issues. The principle of “Focusing on the Value of Life” has been embedded in Osaka University’s heritage and will be promoted through research that aims at “Protecting Life”, “Nurturing Life”, and “Connecting Life.”

With this Concept as our compass, we will encourage dialogue with stakeholders, both inside and outside Osaka University, share a vision for society and mobilize research resources available in the university to tackle the issues that need to be addressed.

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