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Unique Aspects

OPUS Contents

Handai Hyakkei (facilities and campuses)

           ●Handai Hyakkei - YouTube

Handai Sora Hyakkei (bird’s-eye views of facilities and campuses)

           ●Handai Sora Hyakkei - YouTube

Handai HEADLINE (OU news in brief)

           ●Handai HEADLINE - YouTube

Precious Days (photo slide show)

           ●Precious Days - YouTube

Open Campuses

           ●Open campuses - YouTube

Movies created by OUT+V - reports on school festivals and company visits

           ●Movies created by OUT+V - YouTube

Movies created by students as part of classwork

           ●Handai Film Festival Channel - YouTube

           ●Ishibashi Handai Film Festival Channel - YouTube

           ●VIRIABLE CRITERION series  - YouTube

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