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Unique Aspects

Developing Human Resources for Co-creative Innovation

Efforts in Education Reform

Education reform being conducted based on Osaka University's educational vision, "Open Education," set out in OU Vision 2021.

Unique Education

Advanced Education in the Liberal Arts -- Intellectual Gymnastics
Advanced Education in the Liberal Arts -- Intellectual Gymnastics is a program for 3rd- and 4th-year undergraduate students and graduate students who have attained a certain level of specialized professional knowledge and who plan to enter the real world (as professionals and researchers) to acquire knowledge and abilities that they need in addition to their specialized professional knowledge.
Graduate Minor Program & Graduate Program for Advanced Interdisciplinary Studies
The Graduate Minor Program and Graduate Program for Advanced Interdisciplinary Studies are interdisciplinary education programs for individuals who have academic ability equivalent to graduate school students to acquire a broad education and multiple viewpoints while acquiring advanced special knowledge in new fields.
The schools conduct these programs in cooperation with the Center for Education in Liberal Arts and Sciences (CELAS).
Program for Leading Graduate Schools
Program for Leading Graduate Schools is a project to support the efforts of graduate schools that strive to implement drastic reform in order to offer world-class degree programs, programs transcending field borders, and to make them appropriate as programs at the highest seat of learning.
Higher Capability Subjects
Osaka University has set a goal of nurturing higher capability in new higher education.
Higher Capability Subjects (Co* Design Subjects, Communication Design Subjects) are a new cross-sectional program for developing advanced liberal arts and higher capability to create something through connection with people and knowledge.
Double Degree Program
The double degree program allows students to register as a regular student at Osaka University and a foreign university simultaneously and obtain degrees from both.
Multilingual Expert Program (MLE)
The Multilingual Expert Program is an interdisciplinary education program for cultivating individuals who can be active on the world stage with their wealth of knowledge about multiple languages and cultures as well as expert knowledge to take on urgent issues in our modern world. This program was established as part of unique undergraduate/graduate school education provided by Osaka University, the only comprehensive national university with a School of Foreign Studies, which was formed through the merger with Osaka University of Foreign Studies in October 2007.

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