Osaka University NewsLetter: 2011-2015 - "The 4 Years of Toshio HIRANO, 17th President of Osaka University"

The endeavors of Osaka University President Toshio HIRANO, who will retire from his position on August 25, have been compiled into a booklet entitled "World Tekijuku - Creating Harmonious Diversity Through Scholarship."

This nearly 100-page booklet introduces the education research and implementation of university reform that President HIRANO undertook after he took his position in August, 2011 for his vision of a "World Tekijuku."

President Hirano's message -- 3 (1.2MB)

I. Osaka University's achievement  -- 5 (10.4MB)

II. Tekijuku -- 35 (4.6MB)

III. Research and scholarship -- 43 (9.5MB)

IV. Education and students -- 51 (15.1MB)

V. To the world, to the future -- 81 (4.6MB)

Retracing the steps of President Hirano -- 85 (6.6MB)

All (46.3MB)

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