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Special Retirement Mutual Aid Pension -- Conditions for Qualifying

Conditions for qualifying for a special mutual aid pension

The recipient must meet the following conditions in order to qualify:

  • Has reached the age of 60.
  • Has participated in the mutual aid pension or another plan* for 25 years or longer
  • Has participated in the mutual aid pension plan for one month or longer

At what age do pension payments start?

For those who were born on or after April 2, 1953, the age at which pension payments start is not 60, but the age shown in the table below.


Date of birth The age at which pension payments start
Apr. 2, 1953~Apr. 1, 1955 61
Apr. 2, 1955~Apr. 1, 1957 62
Apr. 2, 1957~Apr. 1, 1959 63
Apr. 2, 1959~Apr. 1, 1961 64


Term of insurance coverage

The term of insurance coverage refers to the total period of time one participated in a public pension plan (mutual aid plan, national pension plan, or employee's pension plan).

Note: Exception to the minimum term of coverage being 25 years

For those who were born before April 1, 1956, the term covered by one mutual aid plan or another mutual aid plan (excluding the term covered by the national pension plan) should be in excess of the corresponding term of coverage shown in the table below.


Date of birth Term of coverage (years)
~Apr.1, 1952 20
Apr. 2, 1952~Apr. 1, 1953 21
Apr. 2, 1953~Apr. 1, 1954 22
Apr. 2, 1954~Apr. 1, 1955 23
Apr. 2, 1955~Apr. 1, 1956 24


Those who retired prior to December 31, 1979, and received a lump-sum retirement benefit at the time of retirement (those whose total term covered by mutual aid plan and other plans was less than 20 years) are not eligible to claim retirement mutual aid pension. However, when necessary for receiving another public pension, the term of coverage can be included in the total.

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