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IMPORTANT--A(H1N1) influenza announcement #19 -- Measures to lessen the spread

Note: This important influenza announcement (#19) supersedes all earlier announcements (#1 ~ #18)


Major changes in policy:

  • All persons who contract this new flu are requested to notify the supervisor of the office or department they are associated with.

  • All persons who contract the new flu are requested to follow their supervisor's instructions concerning precautions they should take (such as absenting themselves from school or work).

(Regarding the above policy changes: you will note that you are now being requested to notify your supervisor -- not the Department of Safety and Hygiene.)


As you are aware, the new influenza is continuing to spread and the number of persons infected is expected to increase. With the start of the 2nd Semester at Osaka University, it is likely that many students and staff will become ill in the coming weeks. Therefore, please observe the following steps:

  1. Continue to do your best to prevent the spread of pathogens by: observing proper etiquette when you cough, washing your hands regularly, gargling occasionally, and so forth.
  2. Do you best to take care of your health; however, if you should begin to have symptoms of the flu such as a fever or cough, please consult a doctor. Regardless of whether you consult a doctor regarding this influenza, if you should exhibit any of the following symptoms, be sure to consult a doctor at once:
    1. You cannot stop coughing (coughing 30 or more times a minute)
    2. Your phlegm is flecked with blood
    3. You become unable to concentrate or think clearly
    4. You have a convulsion
  3. Students exhibiting symptoms of influenza (a fever of 37.5°C or higher, coughing, sneezing, diarrhea) are requested to contact* the head of their department and follow instructions given. (Download contact list.)
  4. Faculty diagnosed with A-type influenza are requested to contact* the head of their department and follow instructions given. (Download contact list.)

* Please limit telephone calls to office hours on week days.


October 1, 2009
President WASHIDA Kiyokazu

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