Procedures to follow if/when Volunteering to work in the Disaster Areas

April 26, 2011

Notice for Osaka University students

from Osaka University's Great East Japan Earthquake Restoration Support Headquarters

Dear Students,

More than a month has now passed since this terrible disaster struck and despite ongoing aftershocks and such still plaguing the area, it seems that conditions are gradually becoming suitable for the volunteers to assist in recovery efforts. Nevertheless, proper preparation for such participation remains a necessity!

Previously Osaka University had urged students wanting to volunteer to exercise self-restraint. However, as mentioned above, we now believe that --with proper preparation and appropriate planning-- volunteer participation by students will assist the recovery efforts. Nonetheless, before participating in such, please be very sure to inform Osaka University in writing of your intention, take out insurance, and follow the other procedures outlined below :

  1. Prior to your participation and leaving for the disaster area, be sure to fill out and turn in a copy of the Volunteer Notice . Also, upon completion of your volunteer activities, please fill out and turn in a copy of the Volunteer Report . Both forms should be turned in to School Affairs Office of your school or graduate school.
  2. If your participation will result in your being absent from classes, be sure to discuss your anticipated absence with the faculty member(s) in charge of that class (or classes) as well as the department chairperson. Students enrolled in Osaka University’s general education courses should turn in a copy of the Volunteer Notice to the School Affairs Office of the Institute for Higher Education Research and Practice.
  3. Be sure to take out Volunteer Insurance prior to your participation as this type of insurance will financially protect you from earthquake, tsunami, and other natural disasters which might befall you. Below are some recommended insurance plans:

  4. Personal Accident Insurance for Students Pursuing Education and Research from the Japan Education and Exchanges and Services
    Students hoping to volunteer will be recognized by the university after submitting a Volunteer Notice and will be covered under this insurance. In addition to this insurance, students are also encouraged to take out general liability insurance. For more information, contact the Student Center.
    Japan National Council of Social Welfare from Japan National Council of Social Welfare
    This insurance covers accidents in volunteer activities of individuals and groups registered in the Japan National Council of Social Welfare. Please register at the Japan National Council of Social Welfare in your area.
    Coverage for : 1 year (from April 1 through March 31 of the following year)
    Insurance premium : 490 yen or 720 yen per year depending on the amount of coverage
    Amount of coverage : Death and long-term disability:14.18 million yen ~ 20 million yen
    Sports insurance from the Sports Safety Association
    This insurance coverage provides cash benefits for members of groups consisting of 5 members or more.
    Coverage for : 1 year (from April 1 through March 31 of the following year)
    Insurance premium : 600 yen per year per member
    Amount of coverage : 20 million yen for death, 30 million yen for long-term disability (maximum)
  5. Aftershocks are continuing in devastated areas and some regions are off-limits. Therefore, prior to going, be sure find out what kind of support you can expect from the Kansai and to gather information about the area(s) you'll be going to. Also, be sure to educate yourself concerning the appropriate way to conduct yourself as a volunteer.

The following links may be of use in gathering such information:

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