Announcement for Students hoping to Volunteer in Disaster Areas

Previously Osaka University had been advising students to refrain from volunteering to assist in disaster areas on their own. However, the situation has now shifted from emergency relief to full-fledged recovery and restoration, and, additionally, logistic support in the Kansai and conditions for accepting volunteers in disaster areas are now coming into place. Therefore, Osaka University will cease advising students to refrain from volunteer activities and will, in fact, assist them.

Volunteering with a strong sense of responsibility and making use of your knowledge will be a great assistance to communities in the devastated areas. Furthermore, participating in such activities will be valuable character-building experience, assisting not only you but also society in the future. Nevertheless, proper preparation for participating in volunteer activities remains necessary in part due to the ongoing aftershocks and other problems still plaguing the areas.

For its part, Osaka University will provide students who absent themselves from classes in order to volunteer with special arrangements such as enabling them to take alternate classes, offer volunteer workshops, or provide crucial information.

Students hoping to volunteer should carefully read the Procedures to follow if/when Volunteering to work in the Disaster Areas web page and follow the instructions outlined there.

For more information, contact:

Great East Japan Earthquake Restoration Support Headquarters
Student and Career Support Division, Student Volunteer Section
Department of Student Affairs
Tel : 06-6879-7120
Email :

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