Persons hoping to be volunteers

April 5, 2011*

Due to the extensive and severe damage by the Great East Japan Earthquake, volunteers are expected to play an important and necessary part in recovery efforts. Osaka University has already accepted applications from more than 200 persons hoping to volunteer and some of those volunteers are already assisting with on-campus relief efforts.

However, at this time*, preparations are still underway at Osaka University to send volunteers who will be able to immediately assist in recovery activities and efforts in the disaster areas. Therefore, please refrain from visiting earthquake-stricken areas on your own until such preparations are complete because volunteering without sufficient preparation may cause more trouble than help.

On the other hand, if you should be hoping to volunteer in response to a request from another university or organization, please first contact the Great East Japan Earthquake Restoration Support Headquarters . We will review how volunteers from Osaka University can help after confirming the situation and conditions under which volunteers can assist.

For more information, contact:

Career Support Division, Department of Student Affairs

Tel : 06-6879-7120

Email :

*Please view this page for more up-to-date concerning being a volunteer.

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