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Support programs for students impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic

1. Additional tuition fee exemption for students affected by COVID-19 [Applications are no longer being accepted]

The university will provide additional tuition fee exemption for students who have difficulties paying tuition fees due to decreased household income.

2. Emergency Student Support Handout for Continuing Studies [Applications are no longer being accepted]

Students (including international students) who are making an independent living and paying school fees by working part-time and are having difficulties continuing their studies due to reduced income will receive ¥100,000 each, while students from low income families will receive ¥200,000.

3. COVID-19 relief cash program for full-time privately-funded international students [Applications are no longer being accepted]

This program provides the 30,000-yen cash handouts to students with a student visa currently studying full-time at Osaka University.

4. Temporary hiring of students with financial difficulties [currently ongoing]

The university will hire students with financial difficulties as teaching assistants in order to provide financial support.

5. Free WiFi router rentals [finished]

In preparation for online classes, the university lent mobile WiFi routers to students who had difficulties obtaining access to the Internet or those whose personal computers did not have enough capacity for data transmission due to financial reasons.

6. Book rental delivery service by Osaka University Libraries [finished]

Osaka University Libraries provided a free book rental delivery service for undergraduate students in their fourth year and graduate students who were writing academic dissertations/graduation theses.

7. Financial support for students who have returned home from studying abroad [Applications are no longer being accepted]

The university will cover lodging and travel expenses for 14-day quarantine of students returning from studying abroad.

For more information about each program, visit KOAN.

Information posted on the KOAN schedule and KOAN bulletin board can also be viewed on the MyHandai smartphone app.

What's NEW

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