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Easy-to-make face shield

As COVID-19 continues to spread, protective gear meant to protect health care workers, such as masks, gowns, and face shields, is in short supply, which has become a huge issue across Japan. 

In order to contribute to solving this issue in any way it can, OU has put together a method to construct easy-to-make face shields that anyone can make from everyday items sold at home centers, handicraft shops, and 100-yen stores.

The university hopes that dentists, optometrists, ENT doctors, and other health care workers that perform examinations close to patients’ faces can make use of these easy-to-make face shields. Fabric tape is affixed to the part of the face shield that rests on the forehead, preventing the fall of sweat when the mask is in use.

You can make this face shield within 5 minutes, using only two tools: scissors and a ruler.

How to make an easy-to-make face shield

Osaka University Department of Safety and Hygiene


What's NEW

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