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Limited Term Full-time Employment

Information about limited term full-time employment at Osaka University can be found below.
For specific information regarding an opening, please contact the office mentioned in the notice regarding that particular opening.

Updated on February 17, 2020. (Postings are listed in the order of posting; the most recent appears at the top.)

Department & Campus Position General description of position Position details & Application deadline

Graduate School of Science, Toyonaka

Specially Appointed Researcher (Full-time)

Calculation of formation energy of dopants in thermoelectric materials, and
calculation of thermoelectric properties, using first principles technique


February 28th, 2020 (Japan Standard Time), or until the position is filled

Graduate School of Medicine


Specially Appointed Researcher (Full-time)

Research Activities in developing BCI technology


Position terminates when suitable candidate found

Downloading the various forms

Please check to see which documents you need for a particular opening. Other than the form for a personal resume (CV) available in stores, the following documents can be downloaded for use here.

Resume for Applications
For educational/research positions (Excel format Excel mini icon) or (PDF)
For office workers (Excel format Excel mini icon) or (PDF)

It is possible for an applicant to be selected for a position other than the one for which s/he applied. Applicants indicating their consent and willingness to be considered for alternate positions will have their resumes added to an archive to be stored at the university for that purpose.

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