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Position Openings

Position openings are posted according to category at the pages linked below. Please note that information about most openings will be posted only in Japanese.

Information for Academic Staff

Links to the various schools and research facilities regarding position openings of professor, associate professor, lecturer, assistant professor, and specially appointed academic staff (Full-Time), etc.
Position Openings for part-time staff are posted on some school websites.
Criteria for faculty members
Criteria for screening specially appointed instructors

• Information for Full-time Staff

Information for employment of office workers and technical staff:

2020 #DOITALL (Osaka University Recruiting Website)

• Limited Term Full-time Employment
Recruitment information for specially appointed office worker and technical staff

•Position Openings -- (Technology, Research, and Education) Part-time staff recruitment information
Recruitment information for technical assistant and specially appointed academic staff/researcher

• Hospital Staff Employment
Recruitment information for staff in university hospital and university dental hospital

Student and faculty dormitories

Osaka University Global Village Tsukumodai, the cultural and creative village where Japanese and international students and faculty staff can mix and mingle with local people, will be available from October 2020.

For more information, click here.

global village

Next generation nurturing support measures promotion law

Osaka University was certified as a business owner conforming to the standards based on the next generation nurturing support measures promotion law and acquired the accreditation mark, Kurumin.

For additional information, please go to here.


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