Job Openings

Position openings are posted according to category at the pages linked below.

Please direct questions about position openings to the office listed in the notice for that particular opening.

Basic Personnel Policies for Faculty and Staff Members at Osaka University

These basic policies were established for promoting the acquisition and development of university staff members who make valuable contributions in supporting the university’s education, research, public service, and management.

For the full text of these basic policies, click here . (file in Japanese)

• Academic Staff Openings

Links to the various schools and research facilities regarding position openings of professor, associate professor, lecturer, assistant professor, and specially appointed academic staff (Full-Time), etc.
Position Openings for part-time staff are posted on some school websites.
Criteria for faculty members
Criteria for screening specially appointed instructors

• Full-time Staff Openings

Information for employment of office workers and technical staff:

2020 #DOITALL (Osaka University Recruiting Website)

• Limited Term Full-time Staff Openings
Recruitment information for specially appointed office worker and technical staff

• Part-time Staff Openings (Technology, Research, and Education)
Recruitment information for technical assistant and specially appointed academic staff/researcher

• Hospital Staff Openings
Recruitment information for staff in university hospital and university dental hospital

Downloading the various forms

Please check to see which documents you need for a particular opening. Other than the form for a personal resume (CV) available in stores, the following documents can be downloaded for use here.

For academic staff/researcher ( Excel ) ( PDF )
For office worker ( Excel ) ( PDF )

It is possible for an applicant to be selected for a position other than the one for which s/he applied. Applicants indicating their consent and willingness to be considered for alternate positions will have their resumes added to an archive to be stored at the university for that purpose.

Student and faculty dormitories

Osaka University Global Village Tsukumodai, the cultural and creative village where Japanese and international students and faculty staff can mix and mingle with local people, will be available from October 2020.

For more information, click here.

Efforts in Diversity and Inclusion

Osaka University is strengthening its endeavors to create a diverse environment in which everyone can comfortably work and study based on the Declaration of Gender Equality at Osaka University and the Osaka University Basic Policy Regarding Diversity in Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity (SOGI) .

*For information on support systems for child raising and nursing care, click here .
*For efforts regarding SOGI, click here .