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Introduction to Osaka University

Tuition Payment Account Registration System

Before attempting to register,

  • You will be required to enter your student ID number, your date of birth, and the PIN for the cash card associated with your account. 
  • Accounts registered to this system should be either under the student's name or under the name of a parent or guardian.
  • Information necessary for registration varies by financial institution.

Note: Your bank will ask you to enter your PIN in order to confirm that you are a real account holder. Osaka University will not be informed of your PIN.

Services via the Tuition Payment Account Registration

  • Osaka University outsources the collection of tuition fees to commissioned companies: SMBC Finance Services Col, Ltd. and The Mitsubishi UFJ Factors Ltd.
  • The commissioned companies share responsibility as follows:

School/Graduate School of Letters

School/Graduate School of

School of Foreign Studies

School of Law/Graduate School of Law and Policies

School/Graduate School of Economics

Graduate School of Language and Culture

Osaka School of International Public Policy

Osaka University Law School

School/Graduate School of Engineering Science

School/Graduate School of Science

Faculty of Medicine/Graduate School of Medicine

School/Graduate School of Dentistry, Dental Technology Institute

School/Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences

School/Graduate School of Engineering

Graduate School of Information Science and Technology

School/Graduate School of Frontier Biosciences

United Graduate School of Child Development, Osaka University, Kanazawa University,
Hamamatsu University School of Medicine, Chiba University and University of Fukui

SMBC Finance Services Col, Ltd.

Financial institutions

The Mitsubishi UFJ Factors Limited

Financial institutions

  • After logging in to the Tuition Payment Account Registration, you will get forwarded to the institution’s registration page.
  • Transaction with the financial institution will be described on your passbook as follows (description varies between banks):


SMBC Finance Services Col, Ltd. -- DF.オオサカダイガ, ミツビシUFJファクタ

The Mitsubishi UFJ Factors Ltd. -- オオサカダイガク, SMBCオオサカダイガク, SMBC

Cautions to take when applying for registration

1.  The system automatically times out a session after a certain period of time.

2.  Don’t use the back/forward/refresh button in your web browser. Make sure to use the buttons on the registration screen.

3.  This service is unavailable during the time below due to system maintenance.

     2:00~6:00 AM

     Service hours vary by bank.

4.  Please use a smartphone, tablet, or personal computer when accessing the system.

    Note: If you have a credit union (Shinkin Bank) account, you may not be able to access the credit union’s website using an iPad.

  • Recommended operating environment:

    Windows: 8, 10; iOS:11, 12, 13; Android OS: 8, 9, 10

  • Web browser -- Internet Explorer 11, Edge, Safari, Chrome

5. Feature phones (earlier-generation phones) cannot be used to access the registration system.

6. Incomplete forms will not be saved. Make sure to complete the procedure.

Service Agreement (bank account transfer terms and conditions) -- applicable to member banks of the Japanese Bankers Association

  1. You hereby authorize the Bank (=your bank) to initiate automatic withdrawals from your account to pay for your scheduled Osaka University tuition fees on the date the payment and send the payments to the University (=Osaka University) bank account on the designated date.
  2. The Bank will withdraw the payments from your account without presentation of your passbook and withdrawal request form for payment, notwithstanding the provisions of ordinary deposit terms and conditions, according to the Bank’s designated method.
  3. The Bank is allowed to send a notification of bank transfer failure due to insufficient funds from your bank account to the University without prior notice to you.
  4. You agree that the Bank is not liable for any dispute involving your account transfer, except for cases for reasons attributable to the Bank.
  5. If the University does not request payments for an extended period, unless otherwise requested, this agreement shall be considered as terminated.

Note: If you choose your Japan Post Bank account for bank account transfer, its “Terms and Conditions of Transfer Savings Accounts” will be applied.

User's Guide for Tuition Payment Account Registration System

Peruse the aforementioned cautions and the User's Guide. If you accept the agreement above, go to the system webpage.

After logging in the Tuition Payment Account Registration, you will get forwarded to the institution’s registration page.

Tuition Payment Account Registration

Registrations are no longer being accepted. Information about the registration period for those who enroll in October and how to change debit account number will be posted on this page at a later date.

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