Instructions for entering your information in the Exemption Application System

Intended for: Current and new regular undergraduate and graduate students (including international students)

Students applying for exemption from and/or deferment of payment of enrollment fees and/or exemption from, deferment of, or installment payment of tuition fees are requested to enter information about their family makeup and household economy into The Enrollment and Tuition Fee Exemption Application System. (The application period ended at 16:30 on Tuesday, October 5, 2021.)

For how to enter your information, please refer to the Instructions noted below. Enter all necessary information into The Enrollment and Tuition Fee Exemption Application System, click the registration button, and print the application form. Put the application form and necessary documents in an envelope and submit it to the Suita Student Center by the specified date.

Before entering your information, please peruse the Application Guidelines and User Guide for the Exemption Application System on this page.

*Please look over the User Guide for the Enrollment and Tuition Fee Exemption Application System before utilizing the Exemption Application System.

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