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Introduction to Osaka University

Preparation before volunteering

If you should decide to participate in volunteer efforts in the affected area, please gather information about the area, make thorough preparations, and have a well-thought out plan before making your departure.

Also, please make sure that you submit a "Notification of Volunteer Activity" to Osaka University and take out insurance before engaging in volunteer activity.

Submitting a notification to Osaka University (for OU students planning to volunteer)

If you decide to perform volunteer activities in the affected area, please submit a "Notification of Volunteer Activity" before your departure.

Notification of Volunteer Activity

Please send this notification to: Student Affairs staff at your school/graduate school

Insurance (for OU students planning to volunteer)

When performing volunteer activities, please take out insurance that also applies to natural disasters such as earthquakes and tsunamis.

Reference: Volunteer Insurance (from the Osaka Social Welfare Council) (link in Japanese)

Other information (for OU students planning to volunteer)

Before your departure, please gather information about the areas affected and support in those areas from Kansai, as well as confirming the etiquette involved in volunteer activity.

• Cabinet Office, Government of Japan

Disaster Prevention and Volunteering (Basic information on disaster prevention volunteering) (link in Japanese)

• Japan National Council of Social Welfare

Support for affected areas/disaster volunteer information (link in Japanese)

Volunteer recruiting (for volunteer recruiting organizations)

Organizations that wish to recruit volunteers must follow the necessary procedures outlined in (1) and (2) below.

(Osaka University does not accept volunteer recruiting from individuals.)

(1) Organization registration

Please submit a volunteer organization registration form. (If there are any additional documents related to your organization, please include those in your submission.)

Volunteer organization registration form (PDF)

The following organizations cannot register:

• Organizations with political or religious objectives/for-profit organizations (businesses)

• Any organization deemed inappropriate by the Osaka University Campus Life and Career Support Division

(2) Volunteer recruitment request

Please submit a volunteer recruitment information registration form with the content of the volunteer work for which your organization will be recruiting.

Volunteer recruitment information registration form (PDF)

 *Any documents related to the volunteer recruitment request may be submitted at the same time as the volunteer recruitment information registration form. The university will require time to examine your request. In order to secure adequate time to recruit volunteers, it is advised that all forms be submitted at least one month prior to the start of your recruiting period. Please be aware that we may not be able to accommodate your recruitment request exactly as stated on the forms you have submitted (e.g. volunteer numbers, etc.).

*Osaka University does not take recruitment requests for the following volunteer activity:

  1. Any activity in which volunteers are compensated
  2. Any dangerous activity
  3. Any activity that normally requires certified individuals to perform
  4. Any activity that may involve human lives
  5. Any activity that requires driving an automobile or motorcycle
  6. Any activity that extorts/solicits individuals to join a certain political/religious group
  7. Any activity that may violate Japanese and/or international law
  8. Any activity that may violate public morals and/or prompt unlawful activity
  9. Any activity that causes damage or loss to a third party, or slanders a third party
  10. Any activity with false or hyperbolic information regarding its content
  11. Any activity with unclear information regarding accountability for safety management, harassment prevention, etc.
  12. Any activity that would forfeit the trust of Osaka University
  13. Any activity inappropriate for Osaka University students
  14. Any activity involving long periods of physical restraint that would damage mental and/or physical health
  15. Any activity that requires excessive individual payment to participate
  16. Any other activity that is deemed inappropriate by the Osaka University Campus Life and Career Support Division

If you have any questions, please contact the Osaka University Campus Life and Career Support Division.


Student and Career Support Division, Department of Educational and Student Affairs (Suita Student Center)

TEL: 06-6879-7120


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