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Cautions on consumption of Alcoholic beverages

College students have a lot of opportunities to drink such as welcoming parties, college festivals, and club parties. However, with these increased opportunities, come an increase in serious alcohol-related incidents, some resulting in student death! Although you may not be aware of it, certain student have suffered acute alcohol poisoning and some have even been rushed to a hospital in an ambulance.

Much of this acute alcohol poisoning is caused by binge drinking. At parties, avoid getting yourself involved in binge drinking in any way! Don't do such drinking yourself and never get involved in making someone else binge drink!  

Remember: If you should be involved in forcing someone (or even encouraging someone) to binge drink and that person later is involved in a serious incident such as their death or a traffic accident, you could be charged as an accessory under criminal and/or civil law.

First and foremost:

  • Drinking by minors is against the law.
  • Do not force others to drink.
  • Say no if you are pressed to drink more than you want.
  • Understand that binge drinking can lead to acute alcohol poisoning and even death.
  • If you drink, do not drive a bicycle or vehicle of any kind!

Symptoms of alcoholic poisoning

  • Snores heavily and does not wake up even when called or pinched.
  • Looks pale, vacant, and does not respond when called by name.
  • Lowered body temperature; the whole body seems cold.
  • Unnatural and/or irregular breathing patterns.
  • Symptoms of acute alcoholic intoxication also include nausea, vomitting, dizziness, heart palpitations. If you suspect someone is suffering acute alcohol poisoning, give first aid and do not hesitate to call an ambulance immediately. (Tel: 119)

If it happens…

  • Do not leave the person alone. Friends should assist the person.
  • Loosen any tight clothing.
  • Keep him/her warm -- use blankets or coats.
  • Position the person on their side if they are experiencing nausea. (A person lying on their back can choke on and suffocate from their vomit.)


As with drug offenses, an offense of some sort involving alcohol could also impact your stay in Japan and/or career at Osaka University. In particular, "DUI" offenses (driving under the influence, i.e., driving when drunk) carry very strict penalties and very high fines.

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