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Introduction to Osaka University

Campus beautification/Lost and found articles/Keep a quiet environment/Protection against theft

Campus beautification

We ask for your cooperation in beautifying campus for creating a comfortable environment. Put cans, bottles, plastic bags, and paper waste into trash bins in order to keep campus clean. Areas surrounding extracurricular activity facilities are especially messy because of discarded cans. Don't leave a mess so that you can enjoy club activities.

Lost and found articles

If you lost personal belongings or found articles on campus, report it to the nearest school office or the Student Center.

Keep a quiet environment

Refrain from speaking over a loudspeaker while classes are being held and from playing musical instruments, especially wind instruments, toward classrooms, laboratories, and private homes.

Protection against theft

Unfortunately, theft on campus is occasionally reported. You should be careful and keep your valuables with you at all times. If you have something stolen, contact the school office of your school or the Student Center.

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