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Preventing trouble in renting a room/apartment

When concluding a rental apartment agreement, note the following so you do not fall prey to bait-and-switch scams.
1. To serve as a real estate broker, one needs to get a license from the Ministy of Land, Infrastructure and Transportation or a governor; however, some people distribute pamphlets with the name to be incorrectly equated to an existing university coop under false names noted below. Leasehold properties carried on such pamphlets may not exist.

Examples of misleading organization names:


  • Zenkoku Gakusei ...... Association
  • Zenkoku Gakusei ......
  • Zennihon Gakusei ......
  • ...... Gakusei "Mansion" [apartment]
  • Gakusei ...... Company

2. Make sure that apartments advertised in ads or pamphlets really exist at the advertised location.
Points to be checked:

  1. Rent
  2. Distance from the nearest station
  3. Room layout and facilities

3. You must receive an adequate explanation (Explanation of Important Matters) for the apartment you want to rent.

Important reminders:

  1. The application fee ("azukari-kin") that the tenant-to-be pays before concluding an agreement after agreeing to rent is usually held as an indication ("earnest money") that the borrower/tenant-to-be is serious about the transaction. If the contract is then cancelled in accordance with the tenant's convenience, it is deemed a cancellation of contract forfeiting the deposit; in most cases the money paid will not be returned to the borrower even when there is no a written contract. Therefore, you need to exercise adequate care in paying the "azukari-kin."
  2. You should be briefed on any fees required in addition to the rent such as a security deposit ("shiki-kin") and key money ("rei-kin").
  3. Brokers must provide you with an Explanation of Important Matters before a contract is concluded.
  4. A registered real-estate transaction agent must show his/her license and make an Explanation of Important Matters. Be sure to ask the agent to show their license.
  5. Make sure you sign and stamp the contract with your seal after perusing the Explanation of Important Matters and the contract.

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