November 16, 2019

On Saturday, November 16, the 2nd installment of the Talk Session with the President, started in the 2019-2020 academic year by the Student Life Committee, was held at the NSSOL Café in the 2F of the Welfare Bldg. on Popular Street of Osaka University’s Suita Campus. These sessions allow students to freely discuss various topics with President Nishio.

This session’s topic was “My Research, Society, and the World,” and 17 graduate students from various fields attended the session, along with President Nishio, Executive Vice President TANAKA Toshihiro, Executive Vice President KANEDA Yasufumi, and Executive Vice President ONOYE Takao.

Presided over by Vice President and Student Life Committee Chair KURIMOTO Eisei, the presentations were divided into 5 sessions entitled: “Seeking Universal Truths from Fundamental Research,” Addressing Social Issues through Co-Creation and Science and Technology,” “Facing the World Across the Border,” "Adult Learners Back to College Return to Society,” and “Questioning the Fundamental Significance of Cutting-Edge Science and Technology.” The graduate students in each group made presentations to President Nishio on the significance of their research with regard to society and the world as a whole, engaging in active discussions.

The topics of the presentations given by the graduate students can be found here . (link in Japanese/internal use only)






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