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Introduction to Osaka University

Information Disclosure System and Procedures

Summary of the Information Disclosure System

Under the Act on Access to Information Held by Independent Administrative Institutions (December 5, 2001, Law #140), anybody can request the disclosure of Osaka University documents.

The scope of access to Osaka University document

Documents, drawings, and electromagnetic records prepared by OU officers or staff, organizationally used by staff and retained by Osaka University, may be disclosed. However, commercially-manufactured products such as books, magazines and historical materials maintained at Osaka University libraries for public viewing are excluded.

To identify an Osaka University document, please refer to the University Document Files. (You can view document at the Information Disclosure Service counter.)

How to request for information disclosure and fees

Individuals hoping to access to a document are required to fill out Information Disclosure Request Form and  turn in or send it by postal mail to the General Affairs Division, Department of General Affairs.

A disclosure request fee for requesting information disclosure and a disclosure implementation fee for disclosure implementation are needed.

Disclosure request fee: ¥300 per document

Disclosure implementation fee: fees listed in table in Exhibit

Disclosure implementation fees are calculated in accordance to the specified calculation method. If the total for the disclosure implementation fee is ¥300 or less, a fee will not be charged.

(Example) In case disclosure of documents or drawings are requested

Disclosure method of documentDisclosure implementation fee
Viewing 100 yen every 100 sheets
Provision of a copy

10 yen per sheet

(Color copy: 20 yen per sheet)

Payment of fees

Please transfer the fee at a bank, pay in cash to the General Affairs Division, or send in the fee by registered mail. (Postal money orders also accepted.)

Bank transfer

Applicants are responsible for bank transfer fees.

Bank: Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi, UFJ, Ibaraki Branch

Account number: 1287934 (ordinary account)

Account holder: 大阪大学 情報公開(オオサカダイガク ジョウホウコウカイ) [Osaka University Information Disclosure ]

In case of transfer via ATM, the account holder name will be shown as:

Account holder: コクリツダイガクオオサカコウカイ

For more information about information disclosure request, contact:

General Affairs Division, Department of General Affairs

Tel: 06-6105-6163

Determination of Disclosing or Limiting Osaka University document

Excepting cases in which personal information is included, when information disclosure is requested, within 30 days after the date of the request, the applicant will be informed of the decision: disclosure or non-disclosure, in writing. For more information not be disclosed, please refer to the Criteria for Determining Disclosing or Limiting Osaka University Information.

Disclosure implementation

Documents or drawings may be viewed by disclosure applicants or a copy of such may be provided to the applicants. Applicants who received the notice of determination of information disclosure are requested to inform the university of the disclosure method of the document or drawing; viewing or copying, by submitting Disclosure Method Form enclosed with the notice within 30 days after the date of determination. Applicants hoping for a copy of such are requested to enclose the appropriate postage as a shipping charge.

Application for review

When there is an objection to a decision of non-disclosure or partial disclosure, the applicant can file an application for review of this decision with the President within 3 months of the day following the Date of Determination.

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