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Donations received in 2011~12

Donations received from Local Public Organizations

April 5, 2012
Osaka University

As noted below, Osaka University officially announces the receipt of a donation from a local public organization:

  1. Donor's name: Osaka Prefecture
  2. Amount of the donation (assessed value): ¥15
  3. Specific details of items donated: Fifteen (15) training machines (click here for details)
  4. Background of the donation: In 2001, the Osaka Prefectural Health Sciences Center was established for the purpose of surveys and research with the goal of improving the health of citizen of the prefecture. However, following recent economic and budgetary revisions as well as cuts in fitness and other activities offered, the decision was made that as of April 1, 2012, the training machines would be disposed of. Following an inquiry addressed to Osaka University extracurricular activities regarding whether it would be possible to donate such equipment to them, an affirmative reply was received, resulting in the finalization of this donation.

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