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Introduction to Osaka University

Donations from Local Public Organizations

Some of the provisions in laws related to the financial health of local public organizations were revised on November 30, 2011. Regulations regarding donations from local public organizations to the nation, heretofore forbidden as a matter of course, were abolished. In conjunction with this revision, a cabinet decision was made: “Each government agency is required to spontaneously, in the event of its receipt of money or such donated from a local public organization, to publicize the amount or value of the donation as well as details and/or background of the donation.” Thus, in effect, National Corporation Osaka University is required to publicize all such matters.

Donations received in 2011~12

Donations received in 2014~15

Donations Received in 2015-2016

Donations Received in 2016-2017

Donations Received in 2017-2018

Donations Received in 2018-2019

Donations Received in 2019-2020

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