Compliance Promotion

Osaka University institutes rules on compliance and makes every effort to promote compliance in order to perform its duties faithfully and properly, maintain social trust in the University, and contribute to its sound management.

1. Compliance at Osaka University

2. Compliance System

(1) System to promote compliance

  • Chief Compliance Officer (President): makes final decisions on important items for promoting compliance
  • Compliance Administrator (Executive Vice President appointed by the President): heads compliance promotion under the order from the Chief Compliance Officer
  • Compliance Promotion Officers (Deans of schools/graduate schools): make efforts to promote compliance by their own schools under the instructions from Compliance Administrator

(2) Compliance Promotion Committee

Osaka University has the Compliance Promotion Committee in order to deliberate items regarding compliance promotion.

Members of Compliance Promotion Committee (as of April 1, 2020)

Name Job title
NISHIO Shojiro President  (Chief Compliance Officer)
TANAKA Toshihiro
Executive Vice President (Compliance Administrator) Vice Chairman
KANEDA Yasufumi
Executive Vice President

Executive Vice President

Executive Vice President

Executive Vice President

Executive Vice President

KUDO Mayumi
Executive Vice President

NARA Satoshi
Executive Director

OGASAWARA Atsuko Executive Director

3. Approach to compliance

Regulations related to compliance breaches

  • Complaints and whistle-blowing

Regulations on the Protection of Whistleblowers at Osaka University

  • Reporting misuse of competitive research funds

Regulations on handling of public research funds (link in Japanese)

  • Reporting research misconduct at Osaka University

Regulations on promotion of fair research activities at Osaka University (link in Japanese)

  • Reporting harassment

Regulations on prevention of harassment at Osaka University (link in Japanese)

  • Information Security Desk

Regulations on Osaka University information security measures (link in Japanese)

  • Private information security

Regulations on private information management at Osaka University (link in Japanese)

4. Approaches to promote compliance

Osaka University is engaged in various educational activities in order to promote compliance.

Education activities to promote compliance (link in Japanese)

5. Complaints and whistle-blowing

In order to strengthen compliance and contribute to the healthy development of Osaka University by protecting whistle-blowers, detecting early signs of potential future misconduct, and taking corrective action against misconduct, the University accepts whistle-blower complaints at the consultation services noted below. We also accept whistle-blowing and complaints in order to handle individual cases.

Whistle-blowing consultation services

When crimes defined by the Whistle-blower Protection Act and other violations of laws and ordinances were or are going to be committed, consultation services are available.

Reporting misuse of public research funds

Handling of information and complaints about misuse of public research funds

Reporting research misconduct

Handling of complaints, information, and consultation services about research misconduct

Reporting harassment

Handling of complaints about harassment

Information Security Desk

Handling of information and complaints about information security

Private information protection

Handling of private information owned by the University and consultation services


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