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Osaka University Code of Conduct

Osaka University Code of Conduct


Enacted on January 1, 2018

In light of its social mission to contribute to the progress of humankind and the public nature of its activities, National University Corporation Osaka University (hereinafter referred to as “Osaka University”) is required to act in strict compliance with all applicable laws and regulations with a deep sense of ethics and to ensure sound and fair management of the university as a world-leading comprehensive research university that upholds the motto “Live Locally, Grow Globally.”

Based on this requirement, the trustees and staff of Osaka University have drawn up the Osaka University Code of Conduct in line with the basic principles defined in the Osaka University Charter specifying what should always be borne in mind in our daily activities, as shown below:

I. Basic stance towards university activities

  To fulfill the social mission of Osaka University, we will establish a cooperative system among us through the appropriate division of roles to ensure that university activities are conducted through thorough collaboration among departments, while making sincere efforts to contribute to the wellbeing of society in various aspects including education, research, and medical care.

  1. Promoting advanced education
We will educate students in a manner that respects their individual characters and opinions in order to nurture a respectable personality and a deep sense of ethics in each student, and to develop competent individuals with advanced specialized knowledge and outstanding academic expertise as well as critical thinking, design prowess, and transcultural communicability, thereby meeting the demands of society.

  2. Conducting world-class research
We will promote basic, fundamental and interdisciplinary research of the world’s highest level in various fields and contribute to the resolution of global issues and the growth of society by applying a wide range of knowledge gained through such research and delving deeper into that knowledge.

  3. Contributing to society
We will proactively disclose our activities at Osaka University to the local community, international society and relevant organizations to promote better public understanding and trust in the university. In addition, we will further enhance our educational and research activities through healthy competition with people of diverse cultural backgrounds and proactively share the results of society-university co-creation efforts with the public in order to contribute to the progress of society.

II. Enforcement of strict compliance measures

We will raise awareness of human rights protection and compliance, and strictly observe all applicable laws and regulations, rules of Osaka University, and ethical and other standards for education, research and medical care to ensure the soundness, fairness, and safety of university activities, thereby winning the greater trust of society.

  1. Respecting human rights
We will respect the human rights of each individual and their character, and never allow discrimination or harassment of any nature so that we will be able to create a learning, research, and work environment that enables all members of the university to use their individual strengths and skills to the fullest extent, regardless of differences in culture, language, or gender.

  2. Promoting fair research activities

We will promote fair research activities and prevent research misconduct by ensuring full compliance with research ethics as well as laws, regulations, and guidelines applicable to research activities.

  3. Ensuring proper use of funds and appropriate management of assets

We will ensure proper use of funds for the management of Osaka University and implementation of the university’s activities with full recognition that most of the funds are sourced from taxes and other support from society and that any misuse of such funds will severely undermine the public’s trust and confidence in Osaka University. We will also appropriately keep and use intellectual properties, confidential information, and other assets, whether tangible or intangible, gained through the university’s educational and/or research activities, while appropriately handling the assets of third parties.

  4. Protecting personal information and enhancing information security measures

We will collect personal information properly and keep and protect such information appropriately to prevent misuse or leakage of the information. In conducting information-related activities, we will fulfill our responsibility to take information security measures and ensure fair management and use of information with full recognition of threats to information security and the confidential nature of information in our possession.

  5. Ensuring safety and health and protecting the environment

In conducting Osaka University’s activities, we will raise awareness of safety and health and create a safe and comfortable learning, research, and work environment, while striving for environmental protection to prevent adverse impacts on the natural environment.

Osaka University Code of Conduct

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