Live Locally, Grow Globally

Introduction to Osaka University

A Description of the Ideal Osaka University Staff Member

Osaka University traces its spiritual roots back to 1724 when 5 Osaka merchants founded Kaitokudo and a bit more recently to the "place of learning" Tekijuku, established in 1838. Since those early days, Osaka University has blossomed as an institution of scholarship and research. Beyond the historical significance of these deep roots is that fact that these two original institutions were born from the efforts and vision of merchants, merchants who decided they could and would set up places of learning for common citizens.

Now Osaka University has become a place of learning open to all and a place promoting world-class education and research. As we move into the 21st century, Osaka University commits itself once again to developing further as a place of learning and research under its motto of "Live Locally, Grow Globally".

At Osaka University, staff members work together in a unique "Handai* style" in order to optimize education, research, and social cooperation.


In order to achieve its mission, Osaka University seeks staff who fit the following description:

1. Staff members inspired to play a vital role in developing the university

Persons who are aware of the mission of "Handai*" and view their role in the totality of the university, persons who are sensitive to problems and who work hard to find solutions.

2. Staff members valuing communication

Persons who care about others, interacting with persons both in and outside of the university, while working in harmony as a member of this organization.

3. Staff members working actively on new things

Persons who are open to thinking "outside the box", not bound by precedents, and who grasp various needs and undertake new challenges positively.

4. Staff members with ambition

Persons who are not satisfied with the status quo, improving themselves with a sense of purpose, acquiring knowledge and developing good judgment.


Osaka University is always growing and developing, thanks to the efforts of the persons working in its many schools, institutes, and offices.

* "Handai" is the Japanese nickname for Osaka University.

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