Osaka University Charter

Following the incorporation of what were known as Japan’s national universities, Osaka University has evolved from its former incarnation, stepping forward in a new direction. The university has from its birth inherited the spirit of the citizens of Osaka present in the university’s founding institutions, Kaitokudo and Tekijuku. With this spirit and with the motto “Live Locally, Grow Globally,” Osaka University has always--and across generations--responded to the challenges of society. As the world crosses the threshold to a new era, Osaka University will use the opportunities afforded it through incorporation and, in looking to a future of substantial development, reaffirm the following principles as the guidelines of the university and of each and every one of its members.

1. Conduct World-class Research

Osaka University will strive to become a vanguard for scholarly research in the world, delving into (1) the truth of matters concerning humans and their varied societies, (2) the truth of all fields related to the environment in which those societies exist, as well as (3) the truth of the interlocking relationships shared by all of the aforementioned.

2. Promote Advanced Education

Osaka University will commit itself to cultivating able and talented persons, persons capable of helping humanity realize its ideals and support society for future generations.

3. Contribute to Society

Osaka University will, through the application of education and research and under its motto of “Live Locally, Grow Globally,” contribute to social stability and welfare, world peace, and the creation of a society in which humans will live in harmony with the natural environment.

4. Promote Academic Independence and Citizenship

In both fields of education and research, Osaka University will, in the traditions of its founding schools Kaitokudo and Tekijuku, continue and advance a free and open-minded citizenry, a citizenry possessing critical thought. Rooted in the essence of academic learning, Osaka University will encourage the spirit of autonomy and independence without flattering any power or authority.

5. Value Fundamental Research

Osaka University will affirm itself as a leader in research for the next generation, focusing on logical and theoretical research, and making global-level research a target.

6. Focus on Practical Learning

Osaka University will make use of its tradition of practical education and concern itself with the balance between fundamental and applied knowledge, conducting education and research that fits the actual needs of society.

7. Strengthen Inter-Departmental Connectivity

Osaka University will pursue distinction as a truly integrated university. Instead of simply consisting of an assembly of schools or departments, Osaka University will focus on mutually complementary aspects of all fields of learning, including the humanities, sociology, natural sciences, life sciences, and more, while promoting inter-departmental education and research as deemed suitable for this new era.

8. Continue a Tradition of Reform

Osaka University will strive to continually inspect and reorganize itself, continuing its tradition of self-reform as a university that is consistently a world leader in inaugurating new academic fields, and in integrating those fields with others.

9. Support Human Rights

Osaka University will support fundamental human rights, rejecting intolerance in all aspects and activities, including discrimination regarding race, ethnicity, religion, beliefs, financial situation, social status, gender, or disabilities.

10. Promote Dialogue

At Osaka University, both educators and students will, from each of their various positions and going beyond those official positions, show respect for one another in all avenues of exchange.

11. Adhere to Autonomy

Osaka University will, regarding challenges posed by confrontational situations, work towards the solution of such by making clear its own intentions and by enlisting the cooperation of the members of the bodies constituting the university.

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