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Education & Research Support Organizations

Institute for Advanced Co-Creation Studies

Institute for Transdisciplinary Graduate Degree Programs

Institute for Open and Transdisciplinary Research Initiatives

Center for Education in Liberal Arts and Sciences

Center for the Study of Higher Education and Global Admissions (CHEGA)

Center for Gender Equality Promotion

Social Solution Initiative

Center for the Study of CO✻ Design

Center for Global Initiatives

Office for Information and Communications Technology Services

Office for Industry-University Co-Creation

Department of Safety and Hygiene

Office of Management and Planning

Campus Sustainability Office

Campus Design Division
In order to achieve the objectives of the Sustainable Campus Office, the Campus Design Division carries out: (a) planning for the effective use of campus buildings, facilities, structures, and land on campus, (b) planning for the Campus Master Plan and other related policies, and (c) coordinating facility development planning.

Center for Multilingual Education

Institute for Open Innovation

Research Center on Ethical, Legal and Social Issues

Center for Infectious Disease Education and Research

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