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Now recruiting graduate students for Talk Session with the President - "My Research, Society and the World"

2019-11-16 (Sat) 14:00 -

A talk session will be held for Osaka University graduate students and President Nishio to freely discuss the topic of “My Research, Society, and the World.”


This talk session will provide participating graduate school students a venue to think about the significance and impact of their research on society and the greater global community, present their thoughts to the President in their own words, and mutually discuss these topics with other participants. We hope that these discussions will allow participants to discover new meaning and significance in their research that they hadn’t yet realized while serving as the impetus for creating new worth for both graduate students and Osaka University as a whole. The latent potential held by each and every graduate school student is an important resource for the creation of innovation at Osaka University, and this talk session is significant in that it aims to manifests this potential. This talk session is a valuable opportunity for graduate students, being both a first for the university and a relative rarity at Japanese universities as a whole. We hope that many graduate students will apply.

Date and Time

Saturday, November 16, 2019 – 14:00~ (Social Gathering: 17:20~)


NSSOL Café, 2F, Welfare Bldg., Poplar Street, Suita Campus

Intended for

Osaka University graduate students (English speakers are also welcome to attend)

How to apply

Please attach all application materials to an email entitled “Talk Session with the President Application” to the email address below:

Applicants are encouraged to reference the following:

Facing Societal Challenges

Application Materials

Applicants must write a short essay on the topic of “My Research, Society, and the World” on one A4-sized paper. The essay should cover the significance of performing research as a graduate student at Osaka University as well as the future prospects of the role of research at Osaka University. There are no limitations regarding essay style/form, and graphics/charts may be used in the essay; however, we ask that applicants use a font size of 10.5 or higher for their essay. At the top of your essay, please include the following:

(1)  Your name

(2)  Your student ID number

(3)  Your graduate school, and

(4)  Your year in graduate school (M1, M2, D1, D2, D3)

Applicants may also write their essay in English. If your essay is written in Japanese, make sure to include an English title for your essay as well.

Application period

Deadline: Friday, October 4, 2019 – 12:00 noon

Participants will be chosen by the Student Life Committee from the applications received. Selection results will be sent by email.

Selected applicants must submit a more detailed, 2-3 page (A4-sized paper) summary of their presentation prior to the talk session.

Points of caution

Those individuals who will speak about their research activity at the talk session must obtain consent from their advisor prior to the talk session. (We may confirm that participants have obtained consent from their advisors at a later date.) Also, please note that we plan to publish materials submitted by applicants on the Osaka University Official Homepage following the talk session.


Campus Life and Career Support Division, Department of Education and Student Affairs

TEL: 06-6879-7162 (Ext. 3078)

Talk Session with the President Poster

Talk Session with the President Overview

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