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What is a Special Researcher?

The Research Fellowship for Young Scientists is a program in which The Japan Society for the Promotion of Science recruits special researchers in early March every year. This program aims to give young researchers opportunities to freely select research projects and focus on them. The best young researchers are chosen from applicants enrolled in or completing doctor's courses as Special Researchers (PD), (DC2), or (DC1) and are given Grants-in-Aid as JSPS Fellows. Additionally, from the point of view of developing and securing young researchers having world-class research abilities, particularly outstanding individuals who completed doctor's courses are selected as Special Researchers (SPD) and are given Grants-in-Aid as JSPS Fellows. (Results of Special Fellows Screening)

Those who are selected as special researchers are entitled to apply for "Grants-in-Aid for JSPS Fellows".

Special Fellows-SPD

Among applicants for special fellows-PD, particularly excellent individuals who have already had a doctor's degree and chose a laboratory other than the one they belonged to when they enrolled in graduate school as a research institution will be selected as special fellows-SPD.

Special Fellows-RPD (established in 2006)

The Special Fellow-RPD to support for restarting research activities was established as part of the Research Fellowship for Young Scientists so that excellent young researchers can return to research activities smoothly after a absence due to child-birth or child-raising. Individuals meeting requirements of Special Fellow-RPD can make application regardless of age or sex. The intention of the Special Fellow-RPD is different from that of Special Fellow-PD; applicants can also apply for the latter at the same time. (However, if the applicant has been selected as both RPD and PD, he/she will have to choose one of them.) Those who were or are selected as special researchers, PD, SPD, DC2, or DC1, if they meet application requirements, are entitled to apply for special researcher-RPD.

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