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OGAWA Seiji conferred the title of Distinguished Honorary Professor


In July 2020, the title of Distinguished Honorary Professor was conferred to OGAWA Seiji, and the Conferral Ceremony for this title was held on September 24, 2020.

The title of Osaka University Distinguished Honorary Professor is conferred to individuals who have made particularly outstanding contributions to academic culture and society and who have exceptional achievements in the development of education and research at Osaka University. OGAWA Seiji is the second individual to receive this title, after Professor Yoichiro Nambu.

Distinguished Honorary Professor Ogawa developed the basic principles of fMRI (functional magnetic resonance imaging), a technique used for measuring brain activity.

fMRI not only serves as a key technology for measuring activity in the healthy human brain in research fields that study higher cognitive function in humans, but also has a wide range of applications in medical fields, such as preoperative diagnosis before surgery, as well as diagnosis and pathogenesis in neurology and psychology.

The Center for Information and Neural Networks of Osaka University has world-class fMRI equipment to provide new findings not only in medical fields, but also in other fields, such as immunology, experimental economics, and psychology.


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