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President Nishio joins 30% Club Japan, an international campaign that promotes endeavors toward diversity


President NISHIO Shojiro has become a member of 30% Club Japan.

The 30% Club is a worldwide campaign started in England in 2010 with the aim of raising the percentage of company officer positions filled by women. 30% is the percentage at which it is possible to influence the decision-making process, known as the “critical mass.” The “30%” in the 30% Club comes from the organization’s goal of filling 30% of officer positions at decision-making bodies with women.

After learning that the 30% Club Japan has begun its activity, President Nishio has joined the organization in support of its endeavors.

Osaka University will promote endeavors based on the aims of the 30% Club while continuing to promote its own Gender Equality Promotion Action Plan based on the Declaration of Gender Equality at Osaka University.



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