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Institute for Datability Science Symposium held


On Wednesday, June 27, 2018, a symposium entitled "Big Data Co-Creation Born at OU - Academia Meets Datability Science" was held on Osaka University's Suita Campus, with over 100 individuals in attendance from both inside and outside of the university.

In Part 1 of the symposium, Director Yagi greeted attendees and Professor Nagahara of the Artificial Intelligence and Mathematics Core gave a brief overview of the Institute. Afterwards, a number of examples of various forms of co-creation already underway at the university were introduced.

In Part 2, a poster and consulting session was held in the hope that researchers who have yet-unused data will feel a sense of possibility that they will engage in a collaborative project. In this session, researchers from the Institute for Datability Science had posters on display to explain their individual fields of expertise, analysis methods at which they excel, and their prior collaborative projects, taking questions from participants and providing consultation.

Even though this session was held during the lunch hour, the venue was packed, and faculty members at the Planning Office took a variety of questions regarding data use. The symposium ended on a high note,  with a number of attendees actively exchanging opinions.

By continuing to promote all kinds of utilization of big data, the Institute for Datability Science will promote interdisciplinary research through collaboration with and strengthening of related departments at Osaka University and improve the quality of research in a variety of fields. At the same time, this institute will produce individuals with new research styles, such as datability scientists and datability engineers.

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