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SHIBA Ryotaro Memorial Academic Lecture held


On Saturday, June 18, 2016, the Osaka University SHIBA Ryotaro Memorial Academic Lecture was held at Saneki Hall Breezé in Kita-ku, Osaka city. This academic lecture focused on the works of SHIBA Ryotaro, a nationally-prized author and graduate of the School of Foreign Studies (formerly Osaka University of Foreign Studies), as well as provided an opportunity to discuss the people and culture of Japan.

After an opening greeting by Osaka University President NISHIO Shojiro, Part 1 of this Memorial Academic Lecture featured Chief Producer TANIGUCHI Masakazu (Large-Scale Development Center, NHK) provided attendees with commentary on SHIBA Ryotaro's incredible skill in interviews through pieces by Mr. Shiba filmed at NHK. Afterwards, Prof. INOUE Shoichi of the International Research Center for Japanese Studies gave a lecture entitled "SHIBA Ryotaro and Kansai - The Point of View of a National Author," in which he spoke about Kansai as seen by Mr. Shiba himself. Finally, a video message from Columbia University Professor Emeritus and Scholar of Japanese Studies Donald Keene was shown to attendees in which he spoke about meeting Mr. Shiba.

In Part 2, Professor INOUE and fiction author GOTOH Masaharu held a conversation entitled "SHIBA Ryotaro Speaks," in which the two spoke about the presence of SHIBA Ryotaro, even 20 years after his death. The two had a great sense of humor during their conversation, keeping the audience smiling and laughing from start to finish.

Despite the heat, there were over 700 attendees for this academic lecture, making for a valuable opportunity to experience the world view and historical viewpoints of Mr. Shiba.



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