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Be alert for false club invitations in and around the University


There have been reports of invitations from false clubs who hide their true intentions, disguised as sports clubs such as soccer, volleyball, and dance, international exchange clubs, language study groups, science cafés, study groups which discuss life, and seminars to aid in job searching. Invitations to these false clubs are received on campus, around campus, and through SNS.

When building relationships with senior members in such fake groups, they may indoctrinate you, saying things such as "it will help you grow as a person" and "you need it to study abroad," but you may fail to realize their change in intent if you get swept up in their fast-talking inductions. As you continue in these activities, it is possible that you may fall into a situation where you time is unconsciously being restricted, and you may suffer mental, physical, and economic damage that will last into the future, and it may even cost you your life.

Anyone who has received a suspicious invitation or notices strange behavior from their friends should talk with their friends, family, and staff at the consultation services on campus.

Even if you have a good relationship with the members and seniors who invited you, be careful of these groups!

• Groups with students from other universities, working adults, and/or alumni acting as individuals in charge
• Groups who ask your interests and then invite you specifically for such activities.
• Groups whose center of activity is off campus, at places such as cafés and share houses
• Groups performing different activity from when you were first invited to join
• Groups whose history is ambiguous and whose name changes frequently.

If you are invited/If your contact information is known to the group

• Leave immediately; you don't need a reason
• Block or ignore contact from any members
• Consult with family, friends, and consultation staff at the university

Consultation Services

Located at each student center:
Suita Student Center (1F, IC Hall)
Minoh Student Center (1F, Research and Lecture Bldg. A)
Toyonaka Student Center (2F, Student Union Bldg.)
TEL: 06-6879-7086

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