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Announcement on leakage of radioactive materials


A crack was found in a portion of the drainage pipes for water used in tertiary cleaning of radio isotopes (RI) in a RI handling facility at Osaka University during voluntary inspections. A leakage of radioactive materials was confirmed after a survey of the surrounding soil. A report was submitted to the Secretariat of the Nuclear Regulation Authority, and immediate response was taken.

The provisional soil pollution levels stand at a few Bq/g of cesium 137 and a few tenths of a Bq/g of manganese 54. Both of these values are under the minimum concentration levels for soil contamination (both 10 Bq/g)*, meaning these levels of contamination are thought to have no effects on the human body or the environment.

*Concentration levels which required handling as radioactive isotopes as stipulated in the Act on Prevention of Radiation Hazards due to Radioisotopes, etc.

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