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Osaka University Tour 2015


On Saturday, November 21, in order to introduce the characteristics and allure of Osaka University to high school students, the Osaka University Tour 2015 was held for students from 10 Global Leaders High Schools (GLHS), high school designated by the Osaka Prefectural Board of Education. Some 300 students from the 10 schools attended this event in the Large Lecture Hall of the Center for Education in Liberal Arts and Sciences (CELAS).

The special event started with a talk by Executive Vice President KOBAYASHI Tadashi, giving a general overview of the university, after which he spoke about the ever-changing state of the university and academia through his own experiences.

Following his talk, students were divided into 4 groups to attend special lectures:

"Isolated Japan in the History of the World" by MOMOKI Shiro (Professor, Graduate School of Letters)

"How is Left-right Asymmetry Formed in the Bodies of Animals?" by MATSUNO Kenji (Professor, Graduate School of Science)

"Photonics - Science and Application to Manipulate Light" by FUJITA Masayuki (Associate Professor, Graduate School of Engineering Science)

"Techniques for Obtaining Information from Persons and Rules of Witness Examination- Mock Witness Examination based on Fairy Tales" by MIZUTANI Norio (Professor, Osaka University Law School)

These lectures stimulated the high school students' curiosity by holding a lecture in a mock courtroom and allowing for a wealth of interaction from the attendees. After the lectures, the students expressed their satisfaction, saying "The classes were really interesting!" and "These were valuable experiences that I couldn't have in high school."

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