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2015 Autumn Entrance Ceremony held


On Thursday, October 1, the 2015 Autumn Entrance Ceremony was held at Osaka University's Convention Center on the Suita campus. The entrance ceremony welcome 175 students to Osaka University. 34 of those students were undergraduates, while 141 were graduate students. By gender, the students broke down into 107 males and 68 females. Due to the large number of international students attending the Autumn Entrance Ceremony, in order to respond to internationalization, the ceremony was conducted entirely in English. President Shojiro NISHIO greeted the incoming students, saying,

"...I would like to express my belief in the importance of earnestness, or 'honki' in Japanese, at all levels of endeavor. If you act earnestly, almost anything is possible. If you act earnestly, everything is interesting. If you act earnestly, someone will lend a hand. My hope is that you will take these words to heart when you challenge things. Osaka University will be side by side with you and earnestly support you."

To read the full text of President Nishio's address, please click here.

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