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At Ecocon 2014, environment circle GECS (G Eco ChallengerS) wins Grand Prize for the second consecutive year!


On Saturday, December 20 and Sunday, December 21, the 12th National University Students Environmental Protection Activities Contest (Ecocon) was held at the National Olympics Memorial Youth Center. Osaka University's environment circle GECS (G Eco ChallengerS) won the Grand Prize, the Minister of the Environment Award, for the second consecutive year! Last year GECS won the Grand Prize for activities such as cleaning up the river in a local community.
Ecocon is held in order to promote the attainment of a sustainable society and to promote university students' involvement in environmental protection activities. This year 32 student groups took part in the contest.
The various university student groups made presentations on their group's environmental protection activities. These were assessed in a public screening by private companies, academic experts, administrators, and students and the outstanding achievements were recognized.
With their energetic ways as students, the McK ("machi wo kirei ni"--beautify your town) group of GECS (G Eco ChallengerS) won the Grand Prize for their research and data analysis of littering in local shopping streets and implementing measures to make the town beautiful through close consultation with local governments. The group conducted things that companies and municipal governments couldn't do easily and their community-based contributions were highly evaluated.

ecocon 2014-1

Ecocon 2014

ecocon 2014-2

3 groups from GECS (McK Group in the front row)

ecocon 2014-3

McK Group

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