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"15th Osaka University Future Talk" held


On Monday, December 15, the 15th Osaka University Future Talk was held at Osaka University Convention Center. AKASHI Yasushi, former UN Undersecretary General and Director of the International House of Japan, delivered a speech to some 500 in attendance. Taking a neutral stance as a UN representative, Mr. Akashi, spoke on the topic of "What is an internationally competent person?" He said that in order to solve global issues such as ethnic conflicts, poverty, and global warming, it was important for internationally competent persons to possess initiative, assertiveness, and insatiable curiosity for different cultures, as well as a global-scale perspective. Eagerly listening to his talk, the audience seemed to be impressed with his sincere attitude to senior high school students who asked him questions. We'd like to express our sincere appreciation to Mr. Akashi and the participants.
For the 16th Future Talk, NOYORI Ryoji, Director, RIKEN, will present a talk entitled "Where are science and technology going?" Your continued support for "Osaka University Future Talks"  is much appreciated. To view Mr. Akashi's talk, go here.
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