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Business Improvement Idea Award awarded for 2014~15


Osaka University solicits suggestions on ways work can be improved from faculty and staff in order to improve work efficiency and also to increase awareness of faculty and staff that they can play a part in work improvement. 

Suggestions adopted are implemented and, additionally, the faculty or staff member who submits the suggestion is awarded a "Business Improvement Idea Award." This year, one suggestion was adopted.

The suggestion selected this year was an Excel file that will save labor in the production and revision of official legal documents as well as in the management of data. This file was the product of difficulties experienced by the awardee in having worked on the production of such documents and data.

On Friday, November 11, 2014, President Toshio HIRANO, at a ceremony in his office, presented the awardee, Hitomi FUJIWARA (Research Institute for Microbial Diseases), with the award certificate. Following the ceremony, President Hirano talked informally with Ms. Fujiwara, thanking her for her valuable contribution and encouraging her to continue making additional contributions.

Idea Award 1
Pres. Hirano, Ms. Fujiwara, OOFUJI Seiki (Head, Department of General Affairs and Planning)

Idea Award 2

For additional information on this year's award, go here.

General Affairs Division
Department of General Affairs and Planning

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