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Autumn Graduation Ceremony held


The Autumn Graduation Ceremony at Osaka University was held in the Convention Center on Thursday, September 25. This year degrees were conferred upon a total of 251 graduates (79 of whom were female) ; specifically, bachelor's degrees on 36, master's degrees on 53, and doctor's and juris doctor's degrees on 162 graduates.

Many of the graduates at this Graduation Ceremony were international students, and this year, with the first graduates of the all-English degree programs, international graduates numbered 114. Thus, President Toshio HIRANO delivered his graduation address in English, encouraging the graduates with these words, "Utilizing the knowledge and skills you developed at Osaka University, you will become international leaders in your field in various countries and regions, contributing to the future of your country and the welfare and advancement of human society."

To read the full text of President Hirano's address, please go here.

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