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Cooperation arrangement with High Energy Accelerator Research Organization


On Thursday, July 31, Osaka University and the High Energy Accelerator Research Organization (KEK) signed a cooperation agreement in order to play an important role in promoting national scholarship, science and technology through the demonstration of research and development ability and the personnel power of both institutions.

Osaka University and KEK have built a cooperative relationship in individual research projects. This agreement aims to further promote mutual cooperation by facilitating the use of resources at both institutions and the exchange of human resources. This agreement will promote mutual cooperation in future projects in various fields such as elementary particle and nuclear science, material and life science, accelerator science, and contribute to the development of scholarship, science and technology.

Regarding exchange of human resources, the adoption of the cross-appointment system is being considered. This system, enabling academic staff to hold positions in the two institutions, will enhance their activities in education and research and possibly lead to the strengthening, development, and promotion of university-industry cooperation.

Agreement with KEK

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