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A bicycle sharing system has been introduced on the Suita campus on a trial basis


COGOOOsaka University introduced a bicycle sharing system on the Suita campus on a trial basis in April.

Three stations for this system were set up on the Suita campus. OU members can use bicycles for transportation on campus free of charge by merely registering their OU email address [] here.

Please follow the rules on the COGOO website, Osaka University bicycle rules, and drive safely.

Making use of this sharing system
1. Using your phone, register at (This service may not available with some mobile phones.)
2. Choose a bicycle at one of the stations.
3. Log into the website to obtain the password.
4. Enter the password into the bicycle and use the bicycle.
5. Return the bicycle to one of the stations. (You can drop your bicycle off at any of the current 3 stations.)

  • Bicycles can be used for a maximum of 2 hours at a time.
  • If you don't return the bicycle to a station within 2 hours, you will not be able to borrow a bicycle the following week.

Station Map

Reasons behind OU's  introduction of this system

Many students use bicycles on campus. However, many of these bicycles are abandoned on the campus after students graduate resulting in several hundred bikes being disposed of every year. Illegally-parked bicycles impair scenery, obstruct traffic, occupy bicycle-parking areas on the campus, incurring the costs of removal and disposal.
Significance of introducing this system
Recently, problems such as cyclists not observing traffic rules and illegally parked bicycles have become a social problem in cities and near stations, etc. Osaka University with its large student population has the same problems.
For the purpose of making the university a next-generation social model and sharing the results with society,  and as a step in efforts to eliminate illegally parked bicycles, OU is introducing this system on a trial basis.
Promising results for this project
By introducing the COGOO service from Relations Inc., Osaka University aims to reduce the number of bicycles for transportation on the campus and the total number of bicycles at the university as a whole, as well as eliminate illegally parked bicycles. This system starts with three stations. The university will consider increasing the number of stations and a full-fledged introduction of the system based on the usage situation and users' opinions. Relations Inc.'s preliminary calculation estimates that each bicycle of the COGOO system will eliminate 10 illegally parked bicycles.

For more information, contact:
General Affairs, Planning Division, Department of Facilities, Osaka University
Tel: 06-6879-7114

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