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Recruitment of projects for the "Program for Creating Future Wisdom"


Osaka University has established a new research support program: Program for Creating Future Wisdom. This program supports the creation of on-campus joint research systems for young researchers at Osaka University. It aims to cultivate a variety of research projects and produce creative and unique ideas as well as human resources, thereby opening the path to the future.
Application deadline: May 30, 2014
This program supports joint research projects with new themes in order to support Osaka University's future and provides projects selected with money necessary for conducting joint research and compiling the research results for three years. The joint research group must consist of three young researchers 45 years of age or younger without regard to their research field, whether such be one of the liberal arts or natural or social sciences.

  • For more information about recruitment and necessary documents for application, go to My Handai (internal use only).
  • For more information about other research support programs, go here.

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