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New Scholarship for in-coming undergraduates


Osaka University has announced the establishment of a new scholarship for in-coming undergraduate students; this new scholarship will be made available from March 2011. This new scholarship is being made available thanks to grants provided by Osaka University Foundation for the Future*.

Details are as follows:

Eligibility: Students who passed the early entrance exams for general screening, who achieved an excellent score, and who meet specified family financial criteria. After successful applicants of entrance exams have been announced, eligible students for this scholarship will be informed on how to make application.

Amount of scholarship: 250,000 yen

The money is paid in a lump sum at the time of admission; repayment is not necessary.

The number of recipients: around 40

Application period: from mid-March to late March 2011

A notice of results will be sent in early April 2011.

For more information, contact: Financial Aid, Student Support Division, Department of Student Affairs, Osaka University, Tel: 06-6879-7089


* Osaka University Foundation for the Future

Osaka University Foundation for the Future  was established in May 2009 in order to build a financial foundation to continuously promote education, research, social contribution, and international exchange at Osaka University. Since its foundation, many alumni, local communities, and businesses have supported it. Based on the belief that its funds are designed to support students, Osaka University has started this new scholarship. Osaka University Foundation for the Future will continue to support research activities and student life.


On a similar note, readers may be interested to note that in 2005, Osaka University announced the Osaka University General Education Curriculum Scholarship for second-year students. Similar to the above, this scholarship grants 200,000 to 250,000 yen per year to some 50 students who have achieved an excellent record in the liberal arts.

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