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The Interim Report on Accounting Irregularities at the Graduate School of Medicine


An investigative committee is currently looking into accounting irregularities recently uncovered in the unauthorized use of research funds at the Graduate School of Medicine. The investigation has not yet elucidated the entire scope of the fraud, but on Friday, August 20, a press conference was held with the release of the interim report on this matter. (To view a summary of the interim report [in Japanese], please click here.)

An impartial investigation has revealed that a large amount of research funds were fraudulently used at Osaka University. The university recognizes that unauthorized use of research funds damages the public's trust and leads to undermining our nation's system for promoting science and technology. The university has worked and continues to work on improving pertinent rules and regulations and on establishing codes of conduct for faculty and staff. We sincerely regret such accounting irregularities and apologize to the nation and related institutions.

Osaka University will zealously pursue the whole truth regarding this misuse of funds, extending the current investigation into other fiscal years.

As soon as the whole truth regarding this fraud has been clarified, the university will make an official announcement regarding the results of the investigation, measures it will take to avoid such abuse in the future, and strict punishment for the guilty party or parties.

Osaka University pledges to do its utmost in preventing a recurrence of any such irregularities.

Osaka University President, WASHIDA Kiyokazu

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