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University Exchange Agreements with German Universities Signed


At the Six Japanese-German University Presidents' Conference held at Heidelberg University, Germany, President Washida paid a visit on Heidelberg University President Bernhard Eitel, a visit which resulted in the signing of a university exchange agreement on July 30.

Following that agreement, President Washida visited the University of Bochum to talk with President Elmar W. Weiler on August 2. This visit also resulted in a new university exchange agreement!

Later the same day, President Washida visited Bielefeld University, a university with which Osaka University already has an exchange agreement. At Bielefeld University, President Washida talked with President Gerhard Sagerer and visited their robot lab.



After the signing of the agreement with Heidelberg University



After the signing of the agreement with the University of Bochum


International Affairs Division, Department of International Affairs

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